Tricep Exercises: See Pictures & Descriptions of Effective Triceps Exercises

Train your Triceps with a variety of effective Tricep Exercises that will increase strength, mobility & muscle development...

Keep in mind that this page is meant to be a brief & quick guide to Triceps exercises, and thats why you won't see detailed instruction on proper technique or how many sets/reps to perform...

For a more detailed overview, see our Tricep Workouts & Training Tips.

Barbell French Press

- Stand with barbell in hands overhead.
- Bend elbows, lowering bar behind head.
- Straighten elbows.
- Lower and repeat.

Barbell Skullbreaker

- Lie on back.
- Hold barbell in hands as shown.
- Bend elbows, lowering barbell toward forehead.
- Straighten elbows and repeat.
- Control the barbell and do not let barbell touch bridge of nose or forehead.

Dumbbell Flat Press

- Lie on back.
- Hold weight in hand, arm at side, elbow bent to 90 degrees.
- Lift arm up, straightening elbow.
- Lower arm and repeat.

Dumbbell Double Overhead Press

- Sit or stand.
- Hold weights in hands, arms at side, elbows bent, as shown.
- Lift weights up and overhead.
- Return to start position and repeat.

Dumbbell Triceps Lift

- Lie on back, arms over head, elbows bent as shown.
- Hold weights in hands.
- Straighten elbows through available range.
- Return to start position.

Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

- Stand, leaning over chair or table, arm back, elbow bent, as shown.
- Hold weight in hand.
- Straighten elbow through available range.
- Return to start position.


- Place hands on dip bars, elbows bent.
- Push down, raising body upward.
- Lower and repeat.

Incline Slide Triceps Extend

- Attach cables according to manufacturer instructions.
- Sit facing foot rest.
Hold handle in right hand with elbow bent, arm at side.
- Straighten elbow, pulling handle downward.
- Return and repeat.
- Repeat series with left arm.

Machine Triceps Extension

- Sit at triceps machine with upper arms supported.
- Grasp handles with hands, elbows bent.
- Straighten elbows.
- Return to start position and repeat.

Pulley Pushdown

- Stand in front of pulley.
- Grasp handle with both hands.
- Begin with handle up to chin, elbows out to sides.
- Push down, straightening arms.
- Raise and repeat.

Pulley Triceps Extension

- Attach pulley to secure object.
- Grasp handle, thumb up, elbow bent, as shown.
- Straighten elbow.
- Return to starting position.

Triceps Dip

- Position arms on stable bench as shown.
- Maintain a straight trunk with heels on floor.
- Slowly lower upper body downward.
- Raise back up and repeat.

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Major Tricep Muscles

Triceps Brachii

Arm (Rear)

Long Head
Lateral Head
Medial Head

- Infraglenoid Turbercle
Humorous (Posterior)
- Superior to Radial Groove
- Inferior to Radial Groove

Ulna (Proximal Posterior)
- Olecranon Process

Related Muscles:

Movement/Joint Articulations

Elbow Extension: bringing forearm away from upper arm.

Shoulder Extension: moving the upper arm down to the rear.

Adduction: moving the upper arm down to the side toward the body.

See Triceps Workouts & Training Tips






Lower Back










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