Lower Back Exercises: See Pictures & Descriptions of Effective Lower Back Exercises

Train your Lower Back with a variety of effective exercises that will increase strength, mobility & muscle development...

Keep in mind that this page is meant to be a brief & quick guide to lower back exercises, and thats why you won't see detailed instruction on proper technique or how many sets/reps to perform...

For a more detailed overview, see our Back Workouts & Training Tips.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt

- Lie on back, knees bent.
- Tighten low back muscles, arching low back off floor.
- Relax and repeat.

Back Hyperextend

- Lie face down on bench with hips at edge of bench as shown.
- Position lower legs under pads.
- Place arms behind back.
- Slowly lower trunk down.
- Raise trunk back up.
- Do not over extend when raising up.

Ball Superman

- Lie on ball, face down with knees bent and toes against wall.
- Straighten back while straightening legs and bringing arms out over head.
- Lower and repeat.
- Keep back straight and do not arch back or raise head.

Bar Bridge

- Lie on back with knees bent as shown.
- Place bar across hips.
- Lift up buttocks.
- Lower and repeat.
- You may need to stabilize bar with hands to keep it from slipping.

Chair Back Extend

- Lie face down over chair, hips off edge of chair.
- Grasp legs of chair with hands.
- Keeping knees together and knees bent, lift legs up.
- Return to start position and repeat.

Dumbbell Forward Bent Lunge

- Hold weights in hands at shoulders.
- Step forward in a lunge fashion and bend slightly at waist.
- Return to starting position and step forward with other leg.
- Repeat.
- Keep Low Back Straight

Machine Back Extension

- Sit at back exercise machine.
- Place upper back on padded bar.
- Cross arms over chest.
- Push back against bar, straightening trunk.

Machine Rowing

- Sit at rowing machine holding handles with hands.
- Place feet on foot plates.
- Push and straighten knees while pulling with arms like rowing a boat.
- Return to start position and repeat.

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Major Lower Back Muscles

Erector Spinae

Lower Back

- Lumborum
- Thoracis
- Cervicis
- Thoracis
- Cervicis
- Capitis
- Thoracis
- Cervicis
- Capitis

- Lower Posterior Surface
- Transverse Processes
Ribs (Posterior)
Lumbar Vertebrae
- Transverse Processes
Thoracic Vertebrae
- Transverse Processes
Cervical Vertebrae
- Transverse Processes
Ligamentum Nuchae (Posterior Neck Ligaments)

Ribs (Posterior)
Cervical Vertebrae
- Transverse Processes
- Spinous Processes
Thoracic Vertebrae
- Transverse Processes
- Spinous Processes
- Mastoid Process
- Occipital Bone

Related Muscles:
Teres Major

Movement/Joint Articulations

Extension / Hyperextension: moving the spine back; the thorax moves away from the pelvis.

Lateral Flexion (Abduction): moving the spine to the side (left or right); the thorax moves to the side toward the pelvis.

Rotation: turning the spine to the side (right or left); the thorax rotates to one side.

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