Bicep Exercises: See Pictures & Descriptions of Effective Bicep Exercises

Train your Biceps with a variety of effective Bicep Exercises that will increase strength, mobility & muscle development...

Keep in mind that this page is meant to be a brief & quick guide to Bicep exercises, and thats why you won't see detailed instruction on proper technique or how many sets/reps to perform...

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Barbell Biceps Curl

- Sit at preacher curl bench with upper arms supported.
- Grasp bar on angle portion, palms upward.
- Raise bar up to chest and lower.
- Repeat.

Barbell Brachialis Lift

- Sit with upper arms supported on preacher curl bench.
- Hold bar on the angle portion, palms downward.
- Lift bar upward, bending elbows.
- Return to start position and repeat.

Biceps Cable Curl

- Use cable pulley from floor level.
- Hold handle with elbow straight.
- Bend elbow, lifting upward.
- Lower and repeat.

Dumbbell Buzzy Curl

- Begin with feet about hip distance apart.
- Hold weights in hands at sides, palms inward.
- Bend elbow, lifting one weight up and across to center of chest with palm facing chest.
- Lower weight while raising other weight in the same manner.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

- Stand with feet hip distance apart.
- Begin with weights in hands, palms inward.
- Bend elbow of one arm, bringing weight up and out slightly to outside of shoulder.
- Keep palms inward.
- Lower while raising other weight in same manner.

Dumbbell In Out

- Hold weights in hands, palms inward as shown.
- Keep elbows out from sides.
Straighten arms.
- Return and repeat.

Dumbbell Inner Biceps Curl

- Hold weight in hand.
- Begin with arm at side, elbow straight, palm inward.
- Bend elbow while turning palm upward.
- Return to start position and repeat.

Dumbbell Single Biceps Curl

- Begin with arm at side, sit or stand, elbow straight, palm up, weight in hand.
- Bend elbow upward.
- Return to starting position.

Dumbbell Zottman Curl

- Begin with feet about hip distance apart.
- Hold weights at side, palms forward.
- Bend elbow, lifting right weight up, then rotate wrist downward.
- Lower right weight while raising left weight.
- Rotate both weights and repeat sequence.

Dumbbell Brachialis Lift

- Sit or stand, hold weights in hands, palms down.
- Lift  right weight, bending elbow.
- Lower right weight as left weight is raised.
- Repeat.

Incline Slide Biceps Curl

- Attach cables according to manufacturer instructions.
- Sit facing away from foot rest.
Hold handle in right hand with arm forward as shown.
- Bend elbow, pulling handle upward.
- Return and repeat.
- Repeat series with left arm.

Machine Biceps Curl

- Sit at biceps machine with upper arms supported.
- Grasp handles in hands, elbows straight.
- Pull hands to shoulders, bending at elbows.
- Return to start position and repeat

Palm in Pull Up

- Place hands on pull-up bar, palms in.
- Slowly pull chin up to bar and lower back down.
- Repeat.

Partial Kneel Bent Row

- Begin in position shown.
- Right leg bent, toes forward, right arm on right thigh, left leg straight and extended back, toes pointed to left. Keep back straight, parallel to floor, with shoulders squared.
- Begin with weight on floor.
- Raise it up to abdomen, keeping elbow close to side.
- Lower and repeat.

Pulley Extended Bicep

- Attach pulley to secure object at shoulder level.
- Grasp handle in hand, palm up, arm straight as shown.
- Support elbow with other arm.
- Pull, bending at elbow.
- Return to start position and repeat.

Pulley Rows

- Sit with straight legs at pulley system.
- Grasp row handle with both hands.
- Pull handles to mid chest keeping elbows close to body.
- Return to start position and repeat.
- Keep low back as straight and upright as possible.

See Bicep Workouts & Training Tips


Major Bicep Muscles

Biceps Brachii

Arm (Front)
Biceps Cubiti

Long Head (Outer)
Short Head (Inner)

- Supraglenoid Tuberosity
- Coracoid Process

- Tubercle
Fascia of forearm
- Bicipital Aponeurosis

Related Muscles:

Biceps Brachialis

Arm (Side)
Lower Biceps


Humerous (Anterior)

- Coronoid Process

Related Muscles:
Biceps Brachii

Movement/Joint Articulations

Flexion: bringing forearm toward upper arm.

Extension: bringing forearm away from upper arm.

See Bicep Workouts & Training Tips






Lower Back










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