Ripped Abs Training: 10 Powerful Tips for Much Better Results From Your Ab Workouts

What's the first thing you notice about an individual's body? Believe it or not, for most people, the eyes are naturally drawn to the stomach area first, or the gut.

This is because we're naturally programmed to judge physical fitness by a person's stomach, the flatter it is, the more physically fit they seem to be...

Now imagine going from a flat stomach to ripped, razor-sharp abs that are literally a work of art! Its possible to achieve that "chiseled" look by following these 10 tips:

1) Follow a Higher Protein, Lower Carb Diet
Notice how we said "higher" protein and not "high" protein. The difference is that you don't necessarily need to consume a VERY high amount of protein, but its important to make sure that your diet has a relatively high amount of protein and a little less carbs than you would consume on a normal, standard diet.

Keep in mind that at the end of the day, its the amount of total calories you consume that will make the greatest difference, so aim to eat less calories than your "maintenance level".

2) Weight-Train Intensely and Incorporate Cardio
To bring out decent definition in your Abs, and to make the 6-pack more prominent, you'll need to train the abs specifically.

Moreover, full body weight-training allows you to raise your metabolism and burn fat even while you sleep! Cardio is essential to target that stubborn fat that seems to hang around no matter what you do.

3) Drink More Water
Water aids in digestion, helps you feel more alert, and allows you workout a little longer and with a little more intensity.

4) Variety in Abs Training
Your Abdominal workouts need to incorporate a variety of different exercises to target the entire region. This will also prevent you from getting bored.

5) Understand the Principles
Getting your Abs to show is mostly about lowering your bodyfat than anything else. The next most important principle is to train with intensity, which means choosing exercises & weights that won't allow you to complete more than 15-30 reps.

For men, a bodyfat percentage of about 10-12% will allow the Abs to show, while for women about 14% is a good number to aim for.

6) Don't Consume Too Many Calories For Breakfast
If you're going to have breakfast in the morning, make sure its healthy. Don't consume a large amount of calories, as research has shown that people who eat big breakfasts typically end up consuming more overall calories by the end of the day.

7) Frequency of Training
Abdominal muscles can handle a great deal of punishment, so its a good idea to train this region anywhere from 3-6 times per week, aiming for 15-25 reps per set, with only 30-45 seconds of rest in between sets.

8) Minimize Sugar, Starch & Salt
Its ok to consume these in moderate amounts, but consuming too much sugar and simple carbs can make it very difficult for you to control your appetite and keep your calories below the necessary threshold.

9) Add Variety to Your Cardio
From interval training to long-state cardio, there are a variety of different approaches to cardio. Play sports, do kickboxing, run outside, try pilates. Make sure not to get bored with your cardio.

10) Stay Motivated
To tell you the truth, its pretty difficult to get your Abs to show and even harder to develop the 6-pack look. This doesn't mean you can't do it, it simply means that you have to diet well, train hard, and more importantly, be PATIENT!

Patience is the key to reaching low bodyfat levels, because it can seem like a painfully slow process. If you're already relatively lean, you may be anywhere from 1-2 months away from getting that 6-pack to be visible.

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