Reverse Pyramid Training: A More Logical, Energy-Efficient Method to Build Muscle Faster! 

Conventional pyramid training became a popular method for bodybuilders to exhaust their muscles with a high volume of sets that continue to increase in difficulty as the sets progress. So basically, it means to start your 1st set with the lightest weight for higher reps and gradually "pyramid" your way up by increasing the weight on each of the following sets...making your last set the heaviest with lower reps.

On the other hand, a more logical approach is to flip this order around and use a Reverse Pyramid structure to get the most out of each set. Instead of beginning with a light weight, you would warmup and start with a heavy weight that you can only complete 6-8 reps with, and for each subsequent set, lower the weight and increase the reps. When it comes to energy efficiency, strength gains and building muscle, Reverse Pyramid Training is one of the most effective protocols to follow.

The biggest advantage with following this type of structure is that it allows you to make the most out of each set by utilizing your energy systems in the most efficient way. Combine this with proper recuperation and sound nutritional habits, you've got yourself a way to get better results in a lot less time, whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced lifter.

Maximizing Force

There's a direct correlation between the amount of force that a muscle is capable of generating and the growth, or size that it can achieve. Although there are some exceptions to this rule, in general, a stronger & more powerful muscle is a bigger one! Muscular strength is the max force that a muscle can generate against some form of resistance in a single effort. Force is basically mass x acceleration, so the faster and more explosively you can push a weight up, the more force(power) you're generating.

With Reverse Pyramid Training, you'll be able to push powerfully and explosively during your first set because you'll be freshest at that point, not having accumulated fatigue. This will allow you to maximize the effects of that heavy set by being able to put all your effort into it.

Achieving Different Goals

The flexibility of this training system is another benefit that you can take full advantage of to reach a variety of different goals. If you want to really focus on increasing strength either as a personal goal or for a sport, you can employ the 4,6,8(reps) pyramid with long rests between sets. If your goals is burn more calories and maximize fat-loss, you can use a rep range of 12,14,16 with very short rests between sets.

And if you want to focus mainly on building muscle mass while minimizing fat gains, an 8,10,12 or 6,8,10 rep range with moderate rest between sets will yield great results for months at a time. Depending on your goals and how you use the reverse pyramid system, it can be adapted to achieve almost any type of training result.

In addition to goal modification, this style of training can also help you save time and get a good workout on days that you're tired and feeling sluggish. Since the most importance is placed on the first set, you can conserve time & energy in the gym by giving your maximum effort on the first set of an exercise and if necessary, skip the remaining sets. Another way to setup a reverse pyramid is to start with low volume, 1-2 sets per exercise and gradually work your way up to a higher volume of 3-4 sets. The flexibility and options for progression that this style of training offers are almost limitless.

Psychology & Physiology

To pump out a maximum number of reps on a relatively heavy weight, your muscle fibers need to be fresh(not fatigued) and your energy(fuel) needs to be at its peak. Once you warmup, get your muscles activated and get the blood flowing, its time to put in your maximum effort because you'll be at your strongest at that moment. On the other hand, if your heaviest set was the LAST set of a pyramid, neither your energy nor your fibers would be at its peak.

Besides the physiology of why it makes sense to do your heaviest set when you're freshest, there's a psychological reason too. When you begin with a heavy weight, the subsequent sets will feel lighter and lighter and this will give you mental energy to maintain a high level of intensity. Infact, at times the subsequent sets will actually feel effortless, because of a neurological adaptation, which will drive you to exhaust as many muscle fibers as possible to stimulate some real growth!