Effective Bicep Workout: See the Best Biceps Exercises & Training Tips! 

The Bicep muscle gets a lot of love from people who love to "flex & show" it off...as a way to prove their hard work and time spent in the gym. Its not secret, guys want them huge & powerful with a nice peak...and preferably a vein or two running through!

Women, on the other hand, want a more "toned" and shapely look, a slight peak to their biceps without having a thick appearance.

There are basically 2 broad approaches to training the biceps...target them with a variety of isolation moves or hit em' hard with compound exercises that work the back muscles as well. To develop the overall best bicep workout, both approaches need to be used to maximize results.

Now, when it comes to specializing & focusing on the Biceps, you should only do that after reaching a certain strength level in the major upper body compound lifts and only after you've consistently trained for atleast a year...

Quick Tip: The best approach to training your Biceps is to include them in a well-structured, total body workout program that scientifically plans all of these things for you: 1) volume, 2) intensity, 3) frequency, 4) progression, 5) exercise selection, 6) periodization & MUCH more...

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Here's an outline of the rest of this page:

1) Introduction of the Bicep muscle group
2) Biceps exercises
3) Quick training tips
4) Sample Bicep workout

Introduction & Basic Anatomy

The biceps brachii is the largest in the group, mainly composed of the 2 heads known as the "outer long head" and the "inner short head". When you flex your eblow and rotate your forearms, the biceps brachii is at work! Depending on the position of your forearm and shoulder, the amount of force that this muscle can generate will greatly vary.

A deeper muscle that lies under the biceps brachii is the brachialis muscle, appearing near the bottom of your bicep where the forearm connects. Another muscle is the brachioradialis, which is basically a large forearm muscle that is heavily responsible for pronation of the forearms, or internal rotation when your palms face down.

Aligned in a fusiform arrangement, the muscle fibers of the biceps brachii can shorten to a great degree, which means that it can generate a wide range of motion quickly. Even though the bicep muscles are typically used in slow movements and in carrying things, they are heavily comprised of type IIb fibers, the fast-twitch fibers that can produce strong & quick contractions as opposed to the slow-twitch fibers, that are geared towards endurance activities

Bicep Exercises

Buzzy Curl

- Begin with feet about hip distance apart.
- Hold weights in hands at sides, palms inward.
- Bend elbow, lifting one weight up and across to center of chest with palm facing chest.
- Lower weight while raising other weight in the same manner

 Dumbbell Curl

- Begin with arms at side, sit or stand, elbow straight, palms up, weights in hand.
- Bend elbows upward.
- Return to starting position.

Hammer Curl

- Stand with feet hip distance apart.
Begin with weights in hands, palms inward.
Bend elbow of one arm, bringing weight up and out slightly to outside of shoulder. Keep palms inward.
Lower while raising other weight in same manner

Lateral Curl

- Hold weights in hands, palms inward as shown.
Keep elbows out from sides.
Straighten arms.
Return and repeat.

Preacher Curl Palm-Down

- Sit with upper arms supported on preacher curl bench.
- Hold bar on the angle portion, palms downward.
- Lift bar upward, bending elbows.
- Return to start position and repeat.

Preacher Curl Palm-Up

- Sit at preacher curl bench with upper arms supported.
- Grasp bar on angle portion, palms upward.
- Raise bar up to chest and lower.
- Repeat.

Pullups Palm-in

- Place hands on pull-up bar, palms in.
- Slowly pull chin up to bar and lower back down.
- Repeat.

Reverse Grip Curls

- Sit or stand, hold weights in hands, palms down.
- Lift both weights, bending elbow
- OR, Lift right weight, bending elbow, and lower right weight as left weight is raised.
- Repeat.

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Quick Training Tips

  • It is important to choose exercises that target the inner(short) & outer(long) heads, as well as the brachialis(around forearm). In general, close ez-bar grips emphasize the outer head and wider straight grips target the inner head.
  • Incline Dumbbell Curls and Barbell Curls are 2 highly effective exercises that, when used together, hit all 3 of the above regions for complete bicep development.
  • It is very important to keep your wrist stable through any bicep exercise. Excessive flexion & extension can cause elbow and wrist pain. Select a weight that allows your wrists to be fixed and straight.
  • In general, it is beneficial to use a slow tempo on the eccentric(lowering) motion and  an explosive tempo on the concentric(lifting) motion, while slightly pausing and "squeezing" your bicep at the top of each repetition.
  • Pullups, Pulldowns and Rows are 3 compound exercises that work the Back muscles and the Biceps as well. Any good bicep routine should give some attention to Chinups and Pullups.
  • Wide grib barbell curls and hammer curls are great options for hitting the forearms as well as the biceps, helping you develop a more proportional look to your arms.
  • Protect your spine! Keep your back straight, making sure you don't arch it too much or lean too far forward. Most importantly, don't use your back as a swing to lift the weight.
  • The biceps should be trained either with Triceps or with the Back, if you're using a split bodypart routine. Supersetting with tricep exercises and dropsets are effective strategies for advanced trainees.

Sample Biceps Workout

As we mentioned on the top of this page, its better to train your Biceps with a well-structured, total body workout program...

But, if you feel that you've been training long enough and have decent strength in the major upper body compound lifts, then you can try the sample Biceps workout below to further specialize on that area:

Barbell Curls: after warming up, 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps
Incline Dumbbell Curls: 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps
Preacher Curls: 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps
*Note: these exercise should be done with either Back exercises or Tricep exercises on the same day.

Depending on your full weekly routine and how your train your upper body, this Bicep workout can be done once a week and no more than twice. Rest times should be between 90-120 seconds between sets if you want to get the most growth.

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